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» Lifting you up! Schedule a coaching with me, or join me at the aerial.playground. «


Hello, and a warm welcome to my homepage!
My Name is Nicola Kraemer. I am a physiotherapist specializing in performance arts, acrobat, and aerial instructor.

I am specialized in optimizing training results by finding healthy and effective movement patterns for your body. My focus lies on movement quality, breath, aesthetic sensibility, and creative growth. As a physiotherapist and experienced instructor, I am helping you to reach your goals with ease.

As a physiotherapist and former instructor at the wonderful Aerial Silk Vienna Studio, I enjoy helping individuals move better and discover their capabilities. You can also find me hosting Yoga and Aerial Retreats while sharing the joy of sailing.  My endless love for the sea and the feeling of freedom led me to complete my Skipper license and now allow me to shift my coaching online and into new realms, both on water and onshore. Follow me on Social Media to see where my adventures will lead next! 

Coach & Instructor


» She loved the wind, the sea and adventure. «

- Retreat attendant about Nicola

My heart belongs to the sea and the endless freedom of the horizon. On the quest to do everything I love at once, two annual retreats were created. An Aerial Sailing week - the Aerial Cruise Croatia and a Mindfulness and Yoga Retreat on board a sailing yacht, Sail'n'Mind.

Sailor & Retreat Leader
Content Creator


» I want my students to reach new heights in every way. «

As an aerialist, coach, and physiotherapist, I help my clients and patients unleash their potential. Dive deeper with me into your aerial skills, develop your own aesthetic and creative approach, and learn more about biomechanics, anatomy, and aerial injury prevention. With my personal 1:1 training program, online on-demand aerial silks classes, and online courses, you can choose your favorite way to reach new heights. 



» You love what I do and want to work with me? «

I enjoy creating and cooperating with other creatives & creative companies! Are you a photographer, videographer, choreographer, circus acrobat, or a sustainable (fashion) brand and want to get creative with me? Get in touch!

I'm more than happy to support and work with businesses and creatives worldwide. Companies I've been/am working with include Inaska swimwear, organic basics,, onzie, vayumudra, various musicians, ...



» The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new. «
- Socrates

Movement, per se, has always been a big part of my life. The fascination with the human body brought me from studying nutritional science to being a sports instructor and further to physical therapy. I'm in awe of the human body's capabilities and complexity and love to share my knowledge to help individuals find their best health and functional movement.



» (...) creativity is always, in some sense, a collaboration, the result of a mind connected to other minds. «

- Austin Kleon

Love what I do and want to collaborate/work with me?

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