You are interested in your personal progressions during aerial class? With a private session, your goals and wishes are in my full focus. A PERSONAL AERIAL CLASS is suitable for every level. Beginners, who want to practice and learn in their own speed. Advanced Level Students can profit from an anatomical approach and my focus on movement quality & breath. My attention lies only on you and the possibilities are endless!
In the first session, we will determine your personal goals. As an option, I offer a personalized training plan that will supplement the private classes and helps you to achieve your goals more easily and safely. Your goal could be anything between mastering a specific move, to develop a choreography or to optimize an existing one.
Please contact me via mail, if you are interested in working with me.
60 minutes - 60 Euro (additional Person: 20 Euro)*
*Since the premises at Aerial need special requirements, they take place in rented studios or gyms. The price of the room (depending on the room 20-50 €) is added to the price of the lesson.



You can find regular courses with me at the lovely Aerial Silk Vienna Studio in the 1st district if Vienna. You can filter their courses for "NICOLA" and you'll find all my current classes. I'm looking forward to seeing you up in the air! 




You are searching for a special act to surprise your guests?


Aerial performances are perfect to create a remarkable event - it simply adds the certain something! It doesn't matter which kind - a wedding, garden-party, clubbing or birthday-party - an aerial-silk-performance will enchant your guests at every occasion! The duration, the outfit, the music and the theme can be adapted individually and can be combined with other circus-acts (e.g. with fire dancing).


Feel free to contact me with your wishes and ideas.

I'm looking forward to creating an unforgettable act for you!

Technical Prerequisites


  • Area of approximately 3 x 3 m

  • Hang point must be a minimum of 3,5 m height. The higher, the better.

  • The hang point should have a high load to be able to cope with dynamic forces. The load can differ with performance and needs to be checked individually.

  • Examples of good hang points: exposed wooden beam, bridge (with railing), strong and healthy side-branch of a tree, steel scaffolding of stages (used for fixation of lights, etc.)

  • Additionally, there is the possibility to rent a free-standing tripod (height: 5 m).

Aerial Demo Reel



Advertisement Clip
for PWC
by Jewellabs

June 2017

Buskers Festival Wien
Full Live Performance
September 2018


Feel free to contact me with your wishes and ideas.

I'm looking forward to creating with you!

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