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Online Act Creation Intensive

Be your own choreographer! 

Do you want to turn your "aerial vocabulary" into your personal, unique story? Are you tired of just doing trick-after-trick? Are you keen to improvise (more) but don't know where to start? Do you want to learn how to connect specific phrases into a creative & smooth choreography and make it YOURS?

This online course is your chance to build your own aerial act step-by-step!

A place for aerialists to play, learn and grow online.

Your aerial library filled with tricks, flows, and workouts. What you want. When you want. Where you want. 

Expand your aerial vocabulary on Aerial Silk and learn new tricks and choreographies! Full Access to the library, including all current and future videos, cheat sheets, workouts & more.

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Choose individual classes and bundles from the playground! Expand your floorial skills, flip'n'roll with this low flow sequence, flow like a mermaid with this choreography, learn a new back balance wrap with this thigh lock flow, or learn a new front balance flow


While offering the individual training plans and personal coaching (check it out here) I recognize patterns and designed training plans for different topics based on these insights.

People are mostly lacking the fundamentals. And these are important! So here is the 6-week aerial fundamentals training plan for all beginners who want to start with a good setup, all pros who experience a plateau in their training or recovering from an injury. The basics are literally so important for EVERYONE!

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