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4 tips to make new habits work! New year, new chances, new habits + free calendar

The year's change is a perfect moment to pause and rearrange, even though I think resolutions should be made all the time, not only for a new year ahead. Taking a moment to look back, remembering what we have experienced and learned in 2021, and then looking ahead to 2022 can bring a clearer vision of what we want. But it can be so hard to stick to plans! Here are my top four tips to make new habits work:

"Chase your dreams and change them into plans!"

  1. Dream big, but start small. Take small steps instead of longing for the top from the beginning. It will take you where you want to go without getting frustrated or injured.

  2. Some is better than none. Start with super tiny habits. For example, you want to calm down and meditate for thirty minutes every day. You can start as simple as taking ten mindful deep breaths every day and add on from there.

  3. Ta-Da list If you have a massive To-Do list, don't make the mistake of deleting your checked items. Simply move them to another list of all the things you have achieved. Your Ta-Da list! ;-) It helps you visualize what you have achieved up to today and keeps you accountable.

  4. Print calendar Mark your new habits in your calendar. Break them down into the smallest pieces and put them into your list of appointments. A print calendar will help you visualize your goals and stick to them, and you can see what you have achieved so far. Whether you want to stick to your workout routine or you want to make plans for your big dreams in 2022, check out the ocean-inspired calendar!

Download the ocean inspired monthly calender now for free!

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