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Need an abs-olutely perfect, short and sweet conditioning workout?

Check out the Aerial Abs - 10 min workout and conditioning quickie on YouTube!

- Scroll down and click on the picture to find the workout video! -

This is for you if

  • you want to level up your (aerial) abs

  • want a sweet all around aerial warm-up video targeting the core, a little hip, and general mobility

  • want a decent functional aerial abs training (do the workout 3 times!)

  • gain not only core strength but also core control

  • struggle with a pinching sensation in your hips while inverting

You don’t need anything to hang from for this workout, so you can do it anywhere! However, a mat, a yoga block, or some weights and something to slide on is helpful.

What we’re gonna do:

  • straddle crunches 10x

  • Block in feet crunches 10x

  • Hip mobility

  • Block over feet 12x

  • Plank leg slides left 10x

  • Plank or childs pose

  • Plank leg slides right 10x

  • Childs pose

  • Overhead mobility / shoulder joint rotations

  • shoulder extension and opening (with more weight for strength in long arm inversions or with less weight for control, especially when moving towards the floor - take it slow and controlled!) Keep your ribs in and your knees tucked to really work into your shoulder and upper spine mobility)

  • butterfly pulses

  • spine twist

Repeat the sequence 3 times to get a decent 30 min workout! 😉 Leave questions (or correct my English 😂) in the comments on YouTube! Happy abs, and sea you soon! 💙🌊

Tag me in your stories @aerialsea so I can send over some motivation & feedback. ♡



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