Let's set sails and go

wherever the wind takes us!



Pack your stuff and follow the wind!

Sailing is a really special way of travelling.

Horizon ahead.

Water underneath.
Wind in the sails.
Nature so close.

Living on a sailing yacht provides you a special holiday. You can choose just to relax or you may want to dip into the world of sailing. Whatever you choose - one week on a yacht will enrichen your senses for sure. Wake up every day on a different spot, either a beautiful bay or a charmful harbour along the Dalmatian coast. Swimming, reading, snorkelling, napping in the hammock, eating good food and letting the sunshine caress your skin!


 Maybe you want to act some activities to your trip?

Starting the day with a yoga class on the beach?

Trying out Aerial Yoga or Aerial Silks?
Scroll down for more Information. :-)



Do you want to go sailing and link it with doing Yoga?

If you want to book your very own Yoga & Sail trip with a bunch of friends, please feel free to contact me for further Information...


Come fly with us above the sea!

Is there a better way to discover the beauty of the Adriatic Sea and the hidden bays of Croatia's many islands while pursuing your passion for aerial arts? 
A journey like no other awaits you.


Do you have any questions, wishes or feedback? Do you want to book a Retreat? Do you want to work with me? I'm really looking forward to your message!

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