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True Core Challenge

by Nicola Krämer @aerialsea

Ready to unlock your full potential? Join the challenge and start your journey to a stronger, more stable core today!

A strong core is not just about having a six-pack.

It's about developing deep core muscles that support your spine and connect your lower body to your upper body and limbs. Without a strong core, you may be more prone to injury, lack control of your movements, put too much load on other structures like your hip, shoulder and back, and struggle to perform certain moves.

Do you experience shoulder pain or feel like you lack control and stability necessary for advanced tricks? Are you tired of struggling with certain aerial or pole moves? Do you think your posture needs a bit of improvement?

If so, you're not alone. Many aerialists, pole dancers, and hand balancers face similar challenges. All those can be related to your core! Take the next step to a reliable, strong, and intelligent core to help you unlock new skill levels now!

"Before this challenge, I struggled with injuries and plateaus in my aerial practice. But the 30-day core challenge was a game-changer. The videos and PDF plan were super helpful. Thanks to this program, I've improved my overall posture, discovered the power of my breath (why did nobody explain this to me before?!), and gained a new level of core control that has taken my aerial skills to the next level!"
"I've been an aerialist for years, but I never realized how much I was neglecting my core until I took the 30-day true core challenge. The mix of theory and practice is genius, and the step-by-step game plan made it easy to stay on track. Now, I feel stronger, more confident, and more in control of my body than ever before!"
"As a beginner pole dancer, I was intimidated by the idea of working on my core. But this challenge made it so accessible and fun! The targeted exercises were focused on breathing mainly in the beginning and getting more challenging along the way, but are definintely doable. Nicola was super helpful and was always there when I had questions. Now, I feel like I have a solid foundation of core strength that will serve me well as I continue to progress in my pole journey."

Ready to train smart and finally use your core efficiently?

Here's what you get when you join the challenge:

True Core Mockup-2_edited.png


  • Lifetime access to the 7-day training plan (worth 160€)

  • PDF including theory, practical step-by-step plan, calendar overview and detailed exercise description (worth 55€)

  • Video tutorials featuring a variety of theory and core exercises tailored to progressively enhance your core strength and intelligence. (worth 120€)

  • If you did this program with me one-on-one, it would cost you about 240€

Total value: 335€
All yours for only 39,80€!

For you, it's on top 50% off! So get your hands on this challenge now

After the challenge...

  • You understand a new way of training the core form inside out.

  • You perform advanced moves with greater efficiency and control.

  • You have a better understanding of your core foundation that supports your every move, giving you more confidence in your aerial practice. 

  • Your breath has become a powerful tool, allowing you to perform with greater ease and control.

  • You see and feel improvement in your athletic practice.

  • Your pelvic floor supports your core automatically.

  • You have a clear understanding and tools at hand on how to use your core to support your overall strength and posture.

What's inside the
7-Day True Core Challenge?

The challenge takes you step-by-step to the first module of understanding and using your core in the most effective way helping you find true core strength and control from the inside out.

↓ Here’s what your itinerary looks like: ↓
+ a sneak peek into the 30-day challenge

True Core Mockup_edited.png
Module 1 - Discover (included)

Gain a comprehensive understanding and sensation of the "true core".

  • ​​​Develop and cultivate a genuine sense of true core strength through practical explorations.

  • Experience the noticeable difference.

  • Utilize breath as a tool.

  • Understand the concept of the true core.

Module 2 - Connect (available in the 30-day challenge)

Feel the profound connection between the core, shoulders, and hips and learn how to use this to your advantage.

  • Explore the theory and anatomy behind this crucial linkage through your core.

  • Participate in practical exercises to enhance this connection.

Module 3 - Develop (available in the 30-day challenge)

Forge intelligent strength and progressions.

  • Engage in specific exercises based on the knowledge and experiences gained in the previous modules.

  • Apply your newfound smart strength in specific exercises.

Module 4 - Strengthen (available in the 30-day challenge)

Embrace and integrate true core strength into your personal training and goals.

  • ​Put theory and practical exercises into action during your own training sessions.

  • Witness your core training from a fresh perspective and learn how to adapt your routines to maintain the habit of a smart core.

True Core Mockup-2.png

Wait - who am I? Why am I qualified to guide you on this journey?

Hi, I am Nicola!

As a physiotherapist with a twist, I specialize in working with performers, acrobats, pole dancers, and aerialists to help them find new heights and feel amazing in their bodies. My focus is on keeping high-flying folks in tip-top shape and helping them achieve their training goals with ease. My expertise lies in finding movement patterns that are both healthy and effective for your body, emphasizing movement quality and breathing technique. As an experienced instructor, I promise to help you reach your goals, whether that's nailing that inversion or bringing your very own personal style out of the hidden corners of your soul. So, are you ready to take your aerial training to the next level? Let's do this!


Are you ready to start the 7-day journey toward a smart, efficient core?

We hope that you are as excited as we are about our 7-day Core Challenge! We wanted to remind you of the amazing benefits and features that you'll get by joining this program.


  • You'll discover the true potential of your core and learn how to incorporate breathing techniques and pelvic floor activation, which will take - not only - your aerial skills to the next level.

  • You'll get access to a mix of theory and practice through our PDF plan and video tutorials, a step-by-step game plan that will take only 15-30 minutes a day.

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