"I aspire to enlighten the fascination for one's own body
in order to discover the beauty within
which brought me to share the power of movement
as a gateway to understanding the mind, heart and true self."
Yoga is...
... courage to try something new, to flow through the class without conventions and to explore body, breath and mind.

I am teaching free-flowing, dynamic Yoga sequences and due to my background as a physiotherapist, I like to focus on the anatomy and alignment of the individual in certain asanas (poses). As practicing Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga and Bikram Yoga my Yoga classes have a tendency in these directions, but I am not a fan of labelling. I love dance-like transitions and moving through Asanas along with the rhythm of the breath. My heart beats higher when I see my students experiencing a sense of flow, freedom, lightness of being as well as joy in their own practice and every little movement.

Sea you on the Mat! ♡ 


The secret of happiness

is freedom.

The secret of freedom

is courage.


only private classes available.

Please contact me for further information! ♡


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