Finding your Purpose
Yoga Workshop Brunch

IMAGINE you know exactly what's your own PURPOSE in life and you start to live it ...
The entrepreneurship and Yoga scene of Vienna units for a "Yoga Workshop Brunch" providing a creative and holistic way to look at your mission and the things which set your soul on fire.

✓ Morning Awakening Yoga Session

✓ Yummy brunch and smoothie bowls for the soul

✓  Workshop: "How to find your Why?"

✓  Food for thought
✓ Graphic Recording Tools

❤︎ Meeting like-minded people

❤︎ Get some new energy for your week
❤︎ Time to relax and enjoy the moment

❤︎ "Move a muscle - change a thought."

When?     18.03.2018, 11.00 - 16.00

Where?    Mariahilfer Str. 51, 1060 Wien

Price?     Early Bird: 35€
(booking until 15.02.)
                       Late Bird: 40€
                          ! Limited spots!

                              or via PERSONAL 
FB Message

"Clarify your Purpose.
What is the why behind everything you do?
When we know this in Life or design it is very empowering and the path is clear."
- Jack Canfield

Thanks to our sponsors:


Workshop I Graphic Recording

"Making mindfulness the standard."



"My wish is for you to find joy in your practice, as well as understanding, that yoga is not limited only to the four corners of your yoga mat."



"Enlighten the fascination for one's own body in order to discover power and beauty within."


Mental Coach I Doctor

"Finding the brave way to yourself - between body and mind."

Cora & Verena


"Encouraging people to be more mindful of their body and inspire them to a conscious and plant-based diet."




"Guide to awareness of experiences and create the possibility to slow down life as a source of conscious enjoyment."


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