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Hi, I am Nicola!

I empower acrobats and movement artists to discover healthy movement patterns, overcome plateaus, spark creativity, and prevent injuries. Through personalized training, physiotherapy, and online courses, I guide individuals towards their goals by emphasizing movement quality, breath, and the integration of aesthetics and physical sensations.


My focus is on keeping performers, aerialists, pole dancers, and circus acrobats in tip-top shape and helping them achieve training goals with ease while staying injury-free. I'm all about helping you find new heights and feel amazing in your body.


So, what exactly do I do? My expertise as a physiotherapist lies in finding movement patterns that are both healthy and effective for your body, emphasizing movement quality, proper breathing, and making sure to find the best training plan for you.


As an experienced aerial instructor, I promise to help you reach your goals, whether that's nailing that inversion, bringing your very own personal style out of the hidden corners of your soul, or crafting fluid choreographies and unexpected transitions.


Let me share a quick story about how I discovered aerials and physio in my early 20s - through an injury! After hurting my knees in floor acrobatics, I started looking for a way to do acrobatics without putting too much strain on my knees. And voila, I found aerials! Through my rehab, I got to know the amazing work physiotherapists can do. Now, I'm injury-free and stronger than ever, and a physiotherapist specializing in acrobats. Life and its funny twists!


Oh, and did I mention that I live on a sailing boat and travel the world? I've got a serious case of wanderlust and love exploring new corners of the world while teaching online and in local studios. I used to teach at the fantastic Aerial Silk Vienna Studio for over six years and occasionally get a hankering to go back. But for now, I'm off to crush it in studios worldwide. Plus, I organize retreats in fantastic locations where you can focus on your training goals and connect with other high-flying individuals. And, of course, you can always work with me online or hire me to come to your local studio. 


So, that's a little bit about me and what I do. But enough about me, let's talk about you! Are you ready to take your training to the next level? If so, let's get in touch! And if you're still not sure, just remember, working with me is like having a personal trainer, therapist, and cheerleader all in one. So what are you waiting for? Let's strive for new heights together!

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Coach & Instructor


» I want my students to reach new heights in every way. «

My aerial journey began a decade ago, and I have been actively instructing in Vienna for more than seven years. I find great joy in the artistic aspects of aerial arts, particularly in crafting fluid choreographies and unexpected transitions. Leveraging my background as a physiotherapist, I am placing emphasis on maintaining correct technique and harnessing the power of breath as a valuable tool.



» (...) creativity is always, in some sense, a collaboration, the result of a mind connected to other minds. «

- Austin Kleon

Love what I do and want to collaborate/work with me?


» The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new. «
- Socrates

Movement, per se, has always been a big part of my life. The fascination with the human body brought me from studying nutritional science to being a sports instructor and further to physical therapy. I'm in awe of the human body's capabilities and complexity and love to share my knowledge to help individuals find their best health and functional movement.



» She loves the wind, the sea and adventure. «

- Retreat attendant about Nicola


» You love what I do and want to work with me? «

I enjoy creating and cooperating with other creatives & creative companies! Are you a photographer, videographer, choreographer, circus acrobat, or a sustainable (fashion) brand and want to get creative with me? Get in touch!

I'm more than happy to support and work with businesses and creatives worldwide. Companies I've been/am working with include Inaska swimwear, organic basics,, onzie, vayumudra, various musicians, ...

Sailor & Retreat Leader
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