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Aerial Instructor

in your studio or online

Nicola is specialized in optimizing training results by finding healthy and effective movement patterns for your body. Her focus lies on movement quality, breath, aesthetic sensibility, and creative growth. As a physiotherapist and experienced instructor, she can help you to reach your goals. She strives to discover new things and open the door to people's imagination. Aerial Silk Vienna has been her teaching base for six years, besides working as a physiotherapist. Currently, she is traveling the world coaching students online and teaching at the online studio, the aerial.playground, and as a guest trainer in local studios.


Here's a list of former workshop titles (find full descriptions in the teaching portfolio below): "Creative Choreo Speed Track", "Twisty Low Ceiling Flow", "Fabric Brain Advanced Flow", "The Key to Hip-Key", "Core Fundamentals", "Spinning Technique", and more.

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