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Aerial Instructor

Helping you reach new heights. Online and in your studio.

Nicola embarked on her aerial journey a decade ago and has been actively instructing in Vienna for more than seven years. She finds great joy in the artistic aspects of aerial arts, particularly in crafting fluid choreographies and unexpected transitions. She strives to discover new things and open the door to people's imagination. Leveraging her background as a physiotherapist, she places emphasis on maintaining correct technique and harnessing the power of breath as a valuable tool. Currently, she is traveling the world coaching students online and as a guest trainer in local studios.


Here are just a few examples of the workshops she has conducted in the past, each with a brief title (for full descriptions, refer to the teaching portfolio below): Creative Choreo Speed Track, Twisty Low Ceiling Flow, Fabric Brain Advanced Flow, The Key to Hip-Key, Core Fundamentals, Spinning Technique, and more. These workshops offer a glimpse into the diverse and enriching learning experiences that Nicola provides to her students.

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