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Imagine truly taking time for yourself. Practice yoga and mindfulness deeply secured and supported so you can rest and recharge far away from daily life. Sail'n'Mind is your retreat to connect with your body and mind, join a community of inspiring people, and get headspace on board a sailing yacht. Let's sail away and discover the hidden bays of Croatia.


--- upcoming D A T E S will be announced soon - check out our waiting list until then ---

Enjoy a week of energetic and restorative yoga sequences, dig deeper into modern mindfulness, find rest and clarity, and connect with a group of like-minded people. We will let the winds and mood adjust every practice of our small group, and we'll flow lightly through the days.   

Join us for the yoga and mindfulness retreat on board a sailing yacht!

P.S.: You do not need to have any sailing experience and don't need to be a super yogi to join us.

Fre Mindflness Guide


✓ daily coaching/meditation

✓ daily (Aerial) Yoga

✓ 7 nights on board the sailing yacht (cabins with twin or bunk beds)

✓ 6x Breakfast & Lunch; 3x Dinner; Snacks

✓ Water, Orange Juice, Tea, Coffee

✓ Team-cooking

✓ All fees (harbour dues, docking fees, permits, tourist tax, ...)

✓ Yoga Mat


❤︎ small group (max. 8 guests)

❤︎ Hidden bays and crystal clear water

❤︎ Waking up in different spots every day

❤︎ Meeting like-minded people: "Come as strangers, leave as friends."

❤︎ Sunbathing on deck, relaxing, enjoying headspace

❤︎ A sky full of stars, a lot of nature & vitamin sea

❤︎ Dolphin spotting (if we are lucky)


N O T   I N C L U D E D

✘ Travel cost to/from the marina (Split area, Croatia)

✘ 3x Dinner ashore to get a taste of Croatia

✘ All personal expenses ashore


W H E N?


W H E R E?


Early Bird


valid until tba

Regular Price

50% deposit due upon booking.

Bring a Friend Special

get a 150€ discount

if you bring a friend*
*as long as stock lasts

E X A M P L E   O F   O N E   D A Y


◦ Waking up in your cabin, or maybe you decide to sleep underneath the stars? :-)
◦ Jumping into the crystal clear water of the bay you spent the night in 

◦ Yoga Class

◦ Tee & Coffee & Breakfast

◦ Meditation/Coaching Session

◦ Sunbathing, Sailing, Swimming

◦ Lunch Snack

◦ Activity (Yoga, Snorkeling, Aerial Yoga, Sailing)

◦ Horizon gazing, Relaxing

◦ Strolling around a local village
◦ Dinner at a restaurant
◦ Falling asleep peacefully

B O O K I N G 

We guarantee a full refund if traveling shouldn't be possible in Croatia at the time of travel. Otherwise, our normal cancellation policy applies:
100% refund at any time if a replacement is provided.
50% refund before 31st of May, 
20% refund after 31st of July, 
0% after the 14th of August.

Your data will be handled with care. You will be redirected to an external form. We need all the data for the boat's papers and tourist registration in Croatia.

If you have any questions, check out the FAQs or get in touch. We're happy to help!


Yoga I Mindfulness I Lecture


"Making mindfulness the standard."

Josefine is the content brain of Sail’n’Mind. She did her 200h TTC yoga- and mindfulness training in 2017 in Bali at Samasti Yoga and spent her summer back in 2019 at the Oxford Mindfulness Center to learn more about the latest research and scientific approaches toward mindfulness-based stress reduction. In her daily life, Josefine is a mindfulness advocate, expert for social entrepreneurship and impact strategies and advises +150 founders a year for the city of Vienna, and stands up for equality, integration, and socio-economic participation.


Org I Sailing I Yoga I Visuals


"I love to enlighten the fascination for one's own body in order to discover power and beauty within through movement and exploring the impossible."


The multitalented Nicola is the organizational brain behind Sail'n'Mind. She will share her knowledge of movement and the body in her Yoga classes and will teach you to fly above the water with some Aerial Yoga. Her aesthetic instinct gives the Sail'n'Mind the characteristic look of the homepage, visuals and photos. Nicola's heart beats for the ocean and she's spent quite a few nautical miles on sailing yachts. In her daily life, she's a physiotherapist and Aerial Silk Artist, and Instructor.


Sailing I Media I Cooking


"I want to guide to awareness of experiences and create the possibility to slow down life as a source of conscious enjoyment."


The calming soul on board Raffael is the head skipper of Sail'n'Mind. Besides rocking his regular desk job, Raffael dreams about freedom and going where the wind takes him. Whenever you wonder how to live your dreams, live a balanced life despite stressful times, and how he made the delicious dish of the day, he is the sailor who can help you with that.


Astrid S.

The Sail'n'Mind Cruise in Croatia was fantastic! Nicola, Josefine, and Raffael were available for us around the clock, briefed us in advance (not all of us had been on a sailing boat for a week :)), arranged a colorful program (yoga, meditation, mindfulness exercises, excursions etc.), introduced us to the world of sailing, cooked (yummy!) and entertained us. There is no better crew to have so much fun with.

Every day there were new inspirations and revealing conversations with each other. It was the perfect combination of powering up and getting to rest. It was also nice to see how people who didn't know each other for the most part before, harmonized wonderfully on the boat for a whole week and had a lot of fun.

I could talk about so many experiences, but I don't want to take the excitement off anyone ;) Whoever will be there next year - it will definitely be as fantastic as this year. I am looking forward to Sail'n'Mind 2019 :)


Jakob W.

Jumping over my own shadow and joining Sail'n'Mind was the best decision I could have made. The arrangement via Facebook regarding the arrival and departure from and to Vienna with carpool options from participants who did not know each other before was uncomplicated and worked well. :-)

In my opinion, the trip serves four aspects: a meditative, a sportive, an adventurous, and a social one. The first and perhaps most prominent is the meditative aspect. A week away from normal everyday life, all worries, distractions, and obligations, paired with an introduction to various forms of meditation, is the perfect condition for the soul to recover. At the same time, it is also sportive. Nicola and Josefine are a great mix of thoughtful and motivating teachers, that help push yourself and try new things. Yoga is practiced daily, the sea offers the opportunity to cool off and let off steam, but other activities are also offered, sometimes spontaneously and depending on the interest of the group.

The adventurous is more for those who are not yet great sailors and seafarers. But cruising against the picturesque backdrop of the blue Croatian sea and the dramatic Croatian mountain scenery is spectacular. There's also the option of sleeping on top of the deck, right under the stars. For those who are interested, there is also a chance to get an introduction to theoretical and practical sailing like knot tying and understanding the difference in wind knots! 

Last, but for me, the decisive element for the fun and success of our trip was the social part - the other people on the boat. A certain openness is of course an advantage, but at the end of the week, all of us who did not know each other before and who were a very diverse group, were a sworn team with a lot of respect and appreciation for each other.



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Logo_Eva Gruber. Habit Coach..png



◦ Living onboard a sailing yacht is hard to explain, but it feels like camping on water. Be prepared for accordingly small space, especially for luggage. The bathrooms are also just as big as they need to be, as well as the little kitchen with a gas stove and fridge. There are only double rooms available (double and bunk beds). If you are traveling alone, be prepared to share a cabin with someone you just met. We'll be spending more time on deck anyways, where the wide ocean will be our garden.

As we are spending most of our time outdoors, the route and all activities are dependent on the weather conditions. The daily program might need to be changed accordingly. 

◦ Check-in is on Saturday at 7 p.m.; Check out is on Saturday at 7 a.m.

◦ The retreat will run with 6 people signed up. The group is limited to 8 on one boat.

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