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The Playground Membership

by Nicola Krämer @aerialsea

Dive deeper, explore more, and join the community and guided training!

Join the crew and stay motivated, move better and explore your bodies' awesomeness!

Are you ready to take your skills to new heights, learn, and be trained by a professional physiotherapist? With this membership, you will get invaluable theory sessions and workshops as well as a mentor for your personal training program.

The Playground Membership is a monthly mentoring program that empowers movement artists of all levels to learn, explore, and train their bodies in a healthy, sustainable, and effective way. A practical plan and comprehensive education will result in improved posture and strength control, effortless fluidity, enhanced training efficiency, and mastery of challenging moves. This membership will help you to stay motivated, informed, and connected with a crew of like-minded movement artists and will boost your overall athletic performance.

The membership is not just a tribe; it's a supportive community and accountability system. It offers personal physiotherapeutic support and knowledge, addresses your questions, and connects you with like-minded peers. Through it, you'll continuously acquire expertise in efficient and healthy body training, leading to stronger, effortless performances while preventing injuries.

In the member-ship...

  • You understand a new way of training your body from inside out.

  • You will be trained & supported by a professional physiotherapist.

  • You build a stronger foundation that supports your every move, giving you more confidence in your aerial practice. 

  • You will continue to learn new, cool and interesting stuff about your body and training methods. Learn about how to use your breath, pelvic floor, correct shoulder alignment, how to use your true core, how posture interferes with your athletic performance and much more!

  • You see and feel improvement in your athletic practice, increased strength, improved performance and a reduction in training plateaus and injuries. Your breath will be a powerful tool, allowing you to perform with greater ease and control.

  • You improve your overall posture.

  • You perform advanced moves with greater efficiency and control.

  • You are re-learning old and insufficient ways of using your muscles and will gain a better understanding of how to incorporate them into your acrobatic practice.

Playground Membership

by Nicola Krämer @aerialsea

Ready to unlock your full potential? Join the membership and start your journey to a strong and intelligent body today!

Money Back Gurantee

We know that trying out something new can be scary, especially if you're not sure if it will work for you. But we're so confident that our Membership will help you improve your skills and overall strength that we're offering a guarantee. If, for any reason, you're not satisfied with the program, just let us know within 30 days of purchase and we'll refund your money. We want you to feel confident and excited about taking this next step in your journey!

What's inside the

The membership supports you step-by-step in understanding and using your body most effectively, helping you find true strength and control from the inside out.

↓ Here’s what your benefits looks like: ↓

Benefit 1 - Personal Physiotherapeutic Support

Receive expert guidance and personal care. Enjoy 100% support and stay well-informed throughout your journey.

  • ​Train your body healthy and efficiently through physiotherapeutic support.​​

    • Personal Support in Training App + WhatsApp Group

    • Personal Video Support

  • Train and progress in your own time.

    • Personal Training Plan Adaptions monthly.

Benefit 2 - Live Lectures & Q&As

Join our monthly live webinars or workshops, spotlighting specific topics. Receive the latest physiotherapeutic and artistic perspectives and engage in live Q&A sessions to address your questions.​

  • Live Q&A monthly

  • Live Webinar or Workshop monthly

Benefit 3 - Community

Keep your motivation high as you connect and learn alongside other like-minded athletes.

  • Stay accountable through the community in our supportive WhatsApp Group​

  • Weekly Accountability Check-In

  • Share your highs and lows.

  • Connect with others.

Bonus - Library

Get free access to the Playground Library with a one-year membership

  • The entire Video Library of Aerial Classes, Exercises, Flows, and Interviews - for free!

Are you ready to continue your journey toward a smart, efficient body?

We hope that you are as excited as we are about our membership! We wanted to remind you of the amazing benefits and features that you'll get by joining this program.


  • You'll get personal physiotherapeutic support.

  • You'll discover the true potential of your body and learn how to incorporate healthy training concepts, which will take your skills to the next level.

  • You'll get access to a personal training plan through an App or PDF, plus a supportive community to engage with.

Ready to join the membership!

Here's what you get:



  • Personal Training Plan via App or PDF (worth 160€)

  • Monthly Training Plan Adaption (worth 90€)

  • Monthly Live Webinar or Workshop (worth 55€)

  • Unlimited chat support and lifetime access to a supportive community (worth 260€)

  • Monthly LIVE Q&A calls (worth €95€)

  • Video tutorials to accompany your training plan, featuring a variety of exercises tailored to reach your goals. (worth 330€)

  • Monthly e-mail reminders and content impulses to keep you accountable, curious, and informed (worth 70€)

  • If you did this program with me one-on-one in my physiotherapeutic clinic, it would cost you about 400€ monthly

Total value: 1.460€
All yours from 32 only!

Don't forget, we also offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee, so you can try it out risk-free. So, what are you waiting for? Click the button below to join the membership and start your journey towards a strong and healthy body today!

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