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Let's spice up Christmas this year with a little aerial and sporty glitter.

Home Training Gear

Note: Links are for reference. Please shop at your local (online) store if possible.

Unfortunately, lockdown is still a thing this year. I guess you have a pull-up bar already? I love this aesthetically pleasing wood version, and this minimalistic "travel" version works quite well too!

Gymnastic rings had been hanging around in my flat since last year's first lockdown. Highly recommend! If you don't know what to do with them consider an additional personal training plan to start your training right!

Aerial Training

Well, this year has brought up a lot of online training possibilities! A perfect gift for all aerialists. A customized gift card design will come with every purchase.

The AERIAL-PLAYGROUND is a place for aerialists to play, learn and reach new heights online. Get full-year membership access to aerial tutorials, home workouts, training plans, physiotherapeutic advice, and more!

This step-by-step course to building your choreography is perfect to level up your aerial creativity and discover your potential. You can also buy the e-book only, which makes a perfect present! 🎁

A healthy hanging posture will enable more strength and effectiveness in your whole aerial training! I will take a physiotherapeutic look at your hanging form. After you have submitted your videos, I will send you a detailed PDF of your hanging analysis with photos and explanations, plus we will go through it in personal coaching. You will have a clear picture of what you need to improve. Get 25% off with code HANGINGXMAS21 here.

A customized training plan brings more effective and faster training results and improves your performance. It is adapted to your needs and helps you reach your personal goals. A great add-on to the hanging analysis! Boost your (friend's) training results! 💪🏻 Get 25% off with code XMAS21GOALS here.

Please write me via with your order confirmation so I can design your free customized gift card. 🎁

Sustainable Fashion (Europe based)

The fashion industry is a monster. There are so many cheap garments out there, but I am inviting you to shift your mindset: If you want to gift yourself or one of your loved ones, make it a sustainable choice.

Buy one sustainable legging instead of three cheap ones! Currently, I am in love with my cozy flannel shirt from BRAVA FABRICS which I can highly recommend. You can get a 15% discount with code "aerialsea".

My favorite company for swim- and activewear in Europe is INASKA. The women squad behind the brand is just amazing, the products are made from ocean plastic and I live in these during summer days. 🌊

DIY - Protein Bliss Balls

Here's a little nutritional bliss and a perfect and yummy DIY last-minute present. Get the recipe here!


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